Ama Conejito

By Miguel Cabrera

When the soul returns to the place of its birth,

life always lingers within the memories of those grieving deep within despair.

She was trapped between letting go and holding on.

Torn in the reality of her daughter drifting unto a

world unknown.

Tears fled from her heart,

dripping like rainfall from the depths of her sorrows.

She awakes to every sunrise, numb to its rays.

Her only memento of what she lost was cemented

in the existence of a red stuffed bunny from her

daughter’s childhood.

She sits with it by her side,

cigarette pressed upon her dehydrated lips.

She drowns her pain within every high that fills her lungs.

The red stuffed bunny symbolized an ashtray, outing the flames

consuming her inside. Inhale, exhale, tap the ashes upon the

bunny; a habit to cope with her dwindling survival.

Miguel Cabrera Is an 18-year-old poet who resides in Peru, he enjoys beekeeping and crochet.