Behavioral Health

By CL Forest

We put two on the lookout by the fenced in lookout and kissed

Bent the porch at Pasadena’s Las Encinas into a nest

Miles from my literature class watching The Hours Virginia Woolf

Stayed with us, her vapor busied the nurses who reduced us

Two numbers and names on a chart, twenty-somethings dodging

Shame tucked away, fifty-one-fifties for mandatory observation

We thanked your addiction and my depression

For bringing gifts, reflections and questions

Do mice get caught fucking in lab mazes

Did your manicured hand go inside my pants

Or is that my imagination, does Virginia Woolf still watch over us

In a room of her own, drawing conclusions from our condensation

Clocks towered over us each timed activity, I did everything

Finger painting I could live with as long as I sat with Elizabeth

Got angry at every meal that didn’t please Elizabeth

Who rotted her teeth on me and sweet cereal

I sat on her lap, made my bed but had no shoes to lace

That hospital trip wasn’t recovery it was escape

From my depression, a faint twinkling object

Night sky navigator that induced laughter

C.L. Forest (Twitter: @poetexx) has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Comparative Literature. He has published one written poem in the first print issue from Two of his visual poems were selected for the Lit Show hosted by Infinity’s Kitchen in early September 2021.