Desired Destination

By Marisa Silva-Dunbar


Lovers embrace—shadowed skin illuminated

by blue lightning. Every touch is electric.

Another woman was in his bed the night

you shared the painting, tagging him—

begging him to be it—the one just for you.

And after you called professing your love

staking your claim as his girl,

his voice stone cold when he said

No you’re not—you still didn’t give up.


This isn’t the folly of some school girl crush—

watch as he pulls the strings, takes the calls

of another paramour. He’ll wrap you in his arms

as he says She’s just a friend in love with me.

You will be the friend tomorrow, when he’s fucking

Amber, or Kelly, or #becky from three years ago.

Enjoy the loop—notice what your shackles are made

from—you’re still wrapped up, under his spell—

If he can call you Super Bowl Sunday after other invitations

fell through and you rush to his house for pizza and wings.

You’ll keep watching the show, enjoying his lies.

Because for you, paradise is still some version

of lying next to him or a clone, instead of being free.

Marisa Silva-Dunbar's work has been published in Better Than Starbucks Magazine, Chantrelle's Notebook and Pink Plastic House. Marisa is the co-editor of the anthology "Kirstofia." She has work forthcoming in Sledgehammer Lit Mag, Fevers of the Mind, Dear Reader, and The Daily Drunk Mag. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @thesweetmaris. You can find more of her work at