Necessary 46, 47, 49

By David Harrison Horton

Necessary [46]

Every ante a bluff

social construct

down to the nitty-gritty

an understanding of departure

confused moth


the halls of academe

mildewed walls

the books Mr. Lusk bought

the ones he intends to read


Utah in December



somehow we all fall down

we all fall


saints and sandwiches

a good St. Chris

Aye. And more aye.

Aye like you need it.


How the heart pounds then stops


how the heart remains

how the trains run on time

picture perfect

regulated shipping channel

contrary current

how it all gets sorted


David Harrison Horton is a Beijing-based writer, artist, editor, and curator. His poetry has recently appeared in Ethel, Otoliths, Variant Literature, Noctua, and Acropolis, among others. He edits the poetry zine SAGINAW.