Requiem Of Seasons

By Elsa Talvi

Death of seasons

Death of ages

Loss of reason

Burn the pages

Whispered in a Summer’s breeze

The promise of eternal peace

Crimson tears descend like leaves

Autumnal death for which I grieve

There is nothing left to save

Doomed unto a snowy grave

The Requiem of Winter Winds

Singing of the life it ends

A heart encased in permafrost

The loving soul which I have lost

Doomed now to be numb forever

The aftermath of my December

I sing the words of a dying song

Longing for Spring that never comes

Close my eyes, draw one last breath

Accepting that my fate is death

Elsa Talvi has been writing ever since she can remember. She is currently writing a collection of poetry along with two novels. Elsa can be found on Twitter and Instagram @lost_lacuna as well as LiveJournal at