Yet Another Silicon Trip

By Adebimpe Adeyemi

I stood before my mirror

this morning in all my glory

and look what stares back at me

This doe-eyed girl

trying to pass for a lady

with a flat chest, plain face

and an even flatter behind

I hear guys like them

Fully endowed, beautiful face

Full chested with bums to die for

I've never been the eye catching one

No wonder the cat calls and whistles

haven't greeted my comeliness

Would my breast just grow a little curve?

Can I just be a little more endowed?

Can't I just have chosen bigger bums

I take a silicon trip

That broomstick image long forgotten

I am endowed now

The apples of every Adam's eyes

Hey, are this babies sagging?

No way, we pack and pad

For all it is worth, I must be beautiful

I must be endowed

I haven't got the hour glass figure

Could this hips flare a little more?

I could use more curves in the right places

I ain't a perfect figure eight, yet

Another trip

Then that one trip

Just one more trip

I swear this is the last...

# Insecurities

Adeyemi Oluwafunmilayo Adebimpe is a writer, poet, and lawyer who started writing in 2011 and has been writing ever since. Having explored different genres of writing over the years, Adebimpe has found a desire to tell hardly told stories and unfashionable stories with the pen.